The bass was lower but more filling. One major difference I first noticed between the Fuze my ex audio source and the i10 was that it sounded more balanced. But almost wherever you are in the UI you can miss-clic and get the color background settings. Usually applying an EQ effect is the quickest way to make the sound go to hell but no, here its actually really good. Well it depends on what you are listening at. So in documents you scroll down a page by hitting diagonal up right.

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Even with just the presets the sound quality remains great and that means if you are the sort of person who needs a bass boost, then you can. The front is completely glass with the brand name barely visible under the screen. Still that is a minor quibble particularly when I played about with the EQ. This was the case with my Pistons-II.

The idea is that light will affect your mood depending on the color, and that is about the truth. I wake up with a clock that brings light up step by step, i01 bought 2 lights with a remote to get whatever color you like in your room. Post 4 of I m talking flat EQ and no effect here.

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Also it goes is sleep mod when OFF, so any idle period is slowly using the battery.

Cowon iAudio 10 Review

Their very openness and the more obvious transparency that offers means you can live with it. Discussion in ‘ Portable Source Gear ‘ started by markMay 12, Which is something I do not like. Finalize your product rating and submit your review. I am pretty much ignoring all its other functions as they are just stupid.

The air and transparency served up in either is just great. Not really impressive but t doesn’t hurt to have that option. Super light yet solid and weirdly curved. The amp in there is clearly somewhat of a beast. Believe me I goaded them too and yet they stayed perfectly composed and smooth. We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while this is in process.

I had a chance to mess around with it last night at a party and I thought it was very nice. Cowon’s iAudio 10 does “Color Therapy,” won’t cowln you per hour.

Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. Sure it sounds dramatic but was getting rather wearing on the ears.

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That’s where the 4 User slots come in. Oooh looks swish, box is a touch on the hippy side but the DAP its self looks nice.

This increases the crossfeed difference to move the sound from the front to the sides. The mids here are so transparent and open, just great. So far I don’t have any complaints in this area.

Its performance is pretty staggering for something so small, light, pretty and mainstream. Its impact on my brain is: For music the 38 hours seemed somewhat on the generous side but j10 be rather dependant on what you use with them earphone wise. I guess that’s what that means.

Cowon i10 review | What Hi-Fi?

Oct 9, at 6: I mean if I can make sound in left bit louder? The brainwavz M1s that I had bought for the Fuze sounded more pronounced. This is the first Cowon player I have heard and it lives up to their reputation well.